Reminder! – CTK work day for men

Reminder! – CTK work day for men

  • REMINDER! > Saturday, June 29th Work day for Men at Church.  This annual work day includes many small projects to make our Church a Beautiful Temple for God.
  • Fathers and sons, Join us for the Men’s Work Day 9:30 AM -3 PM

Like all earthly things, Christ the King Church needs our loving care.  Our Father calls us men to help maintain, not only by our funds but by our labors, our wonderful Church.  Join us June 29th to do everything from gutter cleaning to ditch digging, light changing to baseboard fastening that our chapel might be perfected inside and out, top to bottom.  God reward your generous gift of your time and labor.

Please sign up with the form below, and/or by calling Father or Normand Miller so we know how many are attending and the tools available.  There is a sign up sheet and list of projects in the church hall as well.

If you participated in the last Men’s Workday – Thank you! Much progress was made on the 1st, but the list is long. Please consider contributing to, or taking, several jobs remaining.  May God reward your generosity.

  • Pre-paint all wood to be replaced on church hall. (still needs to be purchased)
  • Fix eaves on south side of church and junction with Hall
  • Clean gutters and coat with flex seal at junction between hall and church
  • Paint handrail on handicap ramp
  • Purchase and install Caps on 4X4 post on front porch of church
  • Clean out the church rail-car so AC can be added in the side of the container so church pews can be stored in building
  • Trim all grass on south side of church and hall
  • Trim low hanging tree limbs above hall and over fence on south side of Hall and church
  • Trim back rose bush so it is at least 10 inches away from the brick walkway
  • Purchase new cement or plastic car stops for the parking lot and remove all telephone creosote post used in the parking lot
  • Cut tree down on right side of the church entrance, it’s too large now
  • Trim/ raise the lower branches on the oak tree closest to the northbound entrance