Fr. Francis visits Sao Jose Seminary – Atibaia, Brazil

Fr. Francis visits Sao Jose Seminary – Atibaia, Brazil

About two years ago news of a Franciscan community began filtering back to me.  A community had separated from the “resistance” to the FSSP’s apparent drift toward Rome with their multitude of concessions.  The cause of this separation was an inability to have an answer to Sede Vacantism, there was no offer to justify the persons as being “Catholic” who claim the Papacy. Obviously, one must be a member of the Body to be a living head. 

Thru the months bits and pieces of the story were made known and about a year and a half ago correspondence between myself and Frei Peter Marie seriously began. 

Clearly and quickly I knew this was a real Franciscan.  We have discussed how to work together, our formations and mutual goals.   My time amongst the Friars here is occupied with hours of instruction, direction and well, Franciscan comradery.  There has been one outing, to visit a parish Daughters of Mary meeting and families on Sunday were delightful also.  It astounds me that Catholic Charity is so pronounced in this society after so much time, which is a complement to the clergy, Franciscan or otherwise, who planted so deep the Faith and Morals in this land.

Well, Sao Jose Seminary is formed in Atibaia, near Sao Paulo Brazil.  Under the direction of Bishop Daniel Dolan and the Rector, Fr. Rodrigo, Sao Jose Seminary’s mission is to formation for Catholic Priesthood and are assisted by a Franciscan community and spirit. 

This community endeavors to reflect the long Catholic Brazilian history greatly influenced by the Franciscans of old.  My presence here is to help give greater context to the knowledge they have acquired of our Franciscan community practices and Spirituality. 

Great love and watchfulness for the signal graces of God, which are always amongst us, allows for great sacrifice in these souls.  Such signs are evident to me over and again during this visit.  Those who share in such graces may repeat with St. Paul “the Charity of Christ urges us”.  Pastors and religious who live this will make for watchful Pastors of Souls who, imitating Our Holy Father Saint Francis will show men Christ… and Christ Crucified: the Good Shepherd. 

Padre Pio said: “The great miracle of our time is that after 800 years God still calls young men to the Franciscans. We should not be surprised that the God Emanuel, still wishes to reveal Himself in souls who wish to follow St. Francis in the Humble and poor life of Our Savior.”

Please consider a contribution to the seminary directly to the rector (button below). Take a look at their Sao Jose Seminary website to see their many works and keep them in your prayers. God Bless!

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