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Joseph Charles MacKenzie

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I am an artist and lyrical poet. I am the first and last American to win the Long Poem Section of the Scottish International Poetry Competition. I am fluent in French, conversational in Italian, read New Testament Greek and Late Latin. I am faithful to the infallible principles of traditional lyric verse and reject the crippling dogmas of modernism. My favorite thing is to pray the Rosary with my exquisite wife before the throne of Nuestra Señora, La Conquisadora, in the Basilica Cathedral of St. Francis in Santa Fe, New Mexico, my ancestral city.


Conscious of my place in New Mexico’s literary history, I have endeavored to make the Sonnets for Christ the King a worthy and significant body of lyric verse not only to edify, but also to console, all readers everywhere.

  • MacKenzie Lyric Poetry LLC
  • Critically acclaimed in Scotland and England
  • Author of Sonnets for Christ the King