About Assisting at Mass in Christ the King Church

Hello, and welcome to the web site of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church!

The following text is taken from a pamphlet available in the back of the church, and adapted for use on our web site. The following paragraphs explain, in part, the pastoral spirit of our parish.

By coming for Mass at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, you have come to attend the traditional Latin Mass. Often people come to attend a Latin Mass through the encouragement of family or friends who are members of the parish. Newcomers to our chapel frequently come for this and a variety of reasons. We also receive many visitors who are traveling through town on a Sunday or a Holy day and who wish to attend Mass. There are even those who come to investigate what a Latin Mass is all about. They are sometimes disturbed about circumstances in the modern church (that which was formed following Vatican II), and they want to learn more of the traditional Catholic movement and practices. No matter why you come to assist at Holy Mass with us, please know that you are welcome.

This section of our site is prepared as an aid to visitors who wish to get to know us a little better. Times were that no Catholic had to be “introduced” to a different parish in any part of the world. An introduction like this was needless. All Catholics worshiped the same and were brought together by the common bond of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in the Latin language. Truly our Church was seen by the world as universal. However, in our age, following the radical changes of Vatican Council II, explanations and justifications of the Latin Mass, and traditional Catholicism, are frequent, if not at times necessary.

Please take the opportunity, whether before or after Mass, to read this information. Perhaps it will answer most of your questions about the work done at Christ the King, that Father and many others like him throughout the world are doing. They are striving to preserve the Faith of the Catholic Church as it was taught by Jesus Christ and passed down from times immemorial. If there are any additional questions you might have, or you would wish to receive some counsel or advice from Father, please take the time to speak with him, or write to him at the email address found below. If your questions may demand a little more time, don’t hesitate to arrange an appointment with him at a time that can be mutually convenient.