On the recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy

Bergoglio breaks Catholic Tradition whenever he wants...

On the recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy

The recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy is the logical spiritual fruit of the revolution of the Vatican II church. The destruction of the Faith and Morals among the clergy reflect the failure of Prayer (Faith) and Penance-Discipline (Morals).

Where one fails to keep an eye toward the Father by Faith, the danger of infidelity to the graces of the Holy Ghost results. The very character of the post Vatican II era was a mockery of Doctrine and Piety (doing for the love of the Father). Effectively the entire discipline of the Church has been under attack resulting in moral turpitude in the clergy, both priest and Bishops and higher, as well as lay folks.

This is easily seen: in dress, no cassock; no Friday fast and no Rosary for them. The result is moral decadence and even Bishops who cannot stand in moral rectitude. Such is the nature of man’s need for Faith and grace. The moral failure which has been enabled by this clergy demonstrates the defective character of a false church these 50 years. The elevation of those leading characters who were guilty show a Novus Ordo consequence, not an accident. The Catholic Church is composed of saints and sinners but the Novus Ordo religion is one of false Faith and Morals, false Prayer and Penance.

“God has not chosen everyone to salvation; it is a rare gift to be a Catholic; it may be
offered to us once our lives and never again; and if we have not seized on the accepted
time, nor know in our day the things which are for our peace, oh, the misery for us!”

~ Cardinal Newman in Discourse to Mixed Congregation.


  • Matthew Billeaud 21-08-2018

    I keep meaning to call you about this article. I wanted to ask you about what you mean by “no rosary for them”? Being that they do have access to the rosary and that I don’t understand it to be suppressed is why I ask.

  • Jason 10-09-2018


    I think father is meaning that, although they do have the Rosary at their disposal(as does the whole world) – it is not encouraged or even suggested in most Novus Ordo circles. I’ve personally witnessed, prior to coming to the Latin Mass, the parish priest basically telling the congregation that all they really need to do is say a decade here and there. Never advocating praying the normal 5 decade Rosary following the mystery for the day/season, etc. I think this mainly, to condition folks, so that they actually forget one of the most powerful sacramentals that the Church gives us through our Most Blessed Mother.

    Consider some memorable quotes regarding the Rosary:
    “The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” -Padre Pio
    “Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” – Blessed Pope Pius IX

    Strive to make a devotion to the Blessed Mother on a daily basis by praying the Rosary, especially for families, make the time to pray the Rosary each day. With our prayers and ptitions to the Blessed Mother – She never fails us.

    In Christ,

  • Neysia Sullivan 12-09-2019

    “Woman…behold thy son. Son…behold thy mother.”

    Jesus Himself expressed on the cross….do nothing without thy mother. To Jesus through Mary!! Amen!!!

  • Gabriela 23-10-2019

    I attend two different parishes where the Ordinary form of the mass is celebrated. In both parishes, the rosary is prayed before most of the masses. Personally I pray at least one rosary a day if not more. If you never attend mass in your local parish you will be missing out on the revolution that is slowly taking place. As the more liberal priests are retiring, they are being replaced by very young , holy and newly ordained priests who are bringing back the traditions of the church such as using incense, chanting in Latin and even wearing the fiddle back cassocks. Some of the new pastors won’t allow the Body of Christ to be distributed by the laity. When asked why these priests don’t just join the Fraternity of Saint Peter for example, they have all responded that they can do more good in their local parishes. The Church will change from within, not from without. Friends in other states have told me the same thing is happening in their parishes. These young priests are promoting confession and they are giving excellent homilies. On any given weekend, there are 25-30 people lined up for confession. The holiness of the people largely depends on the holiness of the priests and bishops. Maybe things are different where you live, but I bet there are some parishes where this transformation is taking place.

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