The Feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Miracles: Many miracles have been attributed to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Two hist

January 14, 2019

Christmas Night – Holy Mass

Christmas Night - Holy Mass Monday, December 24th Mass noon at Church, Christmas night Mass 11 P.M. Confessions: 9:50 P.M-10:40 P.M, Las Posadas 1

December 17, 2018

The Advent Prayer

To be said daily from November 30th, the feast of St. Andrew, until December 24th Imprimatur, Michael Augustine Corrigan, Archbishop of New York,

December 16, 2018

A Catholic Hunting Season

Greetings fellow Catholics, and in particular, those among you that are ardent hunters - the season is upon us. If you are a passionate hunter and

December 1, 2018

On the recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy

The recent scandals in the Novus Ordo clergy is the logical spiritual fruit of the revolution of the Vatican II church. The destruction of the Faith a

August 20, 2018

Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Mercy as it is here contemplated is said to be a virtue influencing one's will to have compassion for, and, if possible, to alleviate another's misfor

July 30, 2018