CTK Bulletin – 12-08-2018

CTK Bulletin – 12-08-2018

Christ the King – Lafayette Bulletin

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  • Eileen Murray 11-12-2018

    I am so very thankful to receive Christ the King bulletins, as they allow me to contemplate and remember the true Catholic faith. I would be so happy if I loved close enough to be a part of a parish and church family that lives Catholicism the way I lived it when I was 18 years old. That was 1968 and also the year my parish incorporated Novus Ordo as the way we had to “celebrate”, rather than hear and participate in our pure and beautiful, true Latin Mass. God bless Christ the King’s pastor and congregation as they keep true Catholicism alive. Thanks you from the depths of my soul. Pax et Bonum, Eileen Murray

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